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Essential Summer Maintenance Tips for Towel Radiators

Although summer is not anyone’s ideal time to be thinking about heating, there are still a few key things to make sure of during the warm summer months. It is best to take care of your towel and hot water radiators during their off-season in order to tackle any issues before the radiator is required during colder temperatures.

Here, we at Just Rads will share with you a checklist of several tips to make sure your heating radiator is working well once the winter rolls around.


1. Turn Off The Heat!

If you switch off your heating over the summer, we suggest you turn it back on every once in a while to make sure everything is still working properly. By doing this, you will help to avoid any surprises or repairs in the autumn.


2. Check Your Radiator Valves Thoroughly

With time, radiator valves can become stiff and difficult to move. This can make it tricky to control the temperature in your house. To test, turn each valve entirely on and then back off. If they get stuck, then you must replace the valves.


3. Check The Boiler Pressure

If the boiler pressure of your hot water radiator is significantly low, then your heating may not work properly when it is time to turn back on. You can always check the pressure by using a pressure gauge and top it up if required.


4. Bleed Your Electric Radiator

If you keep your electric radiator off for a while, then it may need to be bled out before you turn it on again. Doing this will remove any air built up in the heating system, and keep your radiator running efficiently. In order to bleed your radiator, turn on the valve at the top and wait until the water starts flowing out. Once the running water is clear, turn off the valve again.


5. Replace Or Clean The Furnace Filter

If your furnace has a filter, then it must be cleaned or replaced on a regular basis. If the filter is dirty, it can significantly decrease the efficiency of your heating system, thereby causing the heating radiator to overwork. You can take out the filter and clean or wash it with water and soap. You should replace with a new filter immediately if damaged.


6. Descale The Boiler

If you have not used the boiler in your hot water radiator for a while, then you may have to descale it. This is because water leaves behind magnesium and calcium deposits that can decrease the efficiency of your heating system. In order to descale your boiler, you will have to use a descaling solution. Be sure to use with extreme caution and follow the necessary steps.


7. Call For Professional Servicing

If you have not used your electric radiator over the summer, it is definitely worth having it checked before the winter sets in. Most electrical failures start with a warning sign. You may need a professional to help take care of any issues.  


Smart Heating Controls

Along with thorough maintenance, summer is an excellent time to upgrade your heating system. Just Rads offers smart heating controls that can be added to any system. These controls provide the ability to micro-manage your heating through an app on your mobile phone or tablet. You can adjust the temperatures of each room in the house separately.

With these few basic maintenance tips, you will definitely be sure that your heating system is in perfect working condition for the colder season, and you may even save a bit on your heating bill. At Just Rads, we are determined to bring new and innovative features to our radiators, which will help you to easily maintain your heating systems. Along with smart heating controls, electric radiators, and hot water radiators, we also offer a wide range of cast iron radiators in different sizes, shapes, and colors to suit your decor while catering to your heating needs.

Posted on August 18, 2022 by Just-Rads

Posted in Electric Radiators, heating radiator, hot water radiators, Myson Electric Radiator

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