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Get to Know Us

About Us

Just Rads was founded by a team of heating specialists who have proudly become industry enthusiasts over the past 10 years. Through extensive research we have found the most innovative and highly acclaimed manufacturers in the market. By selecting the highest level of craftsmanship, we are able to offer a wide selection of radiators, towel warmers and accessories suitable to meet any individual’s budget, or level of luxury.

We would gladly share our knowledge and expertise with you through our unique online store! Feel free to contact us at your convenience through our contact us section.

Our soul focus is in Just Rads!

About Our Brands

Our line of Accuro Korle products offers our customers masterpieces of design, coupled with exceptional value and long lasting durability. All models are handcrafted and made to size upon request.

Our line of electric radiators, manufactured by Myson Finesse, offers a reliable high capacity outputs while minimizing energy and installation cost. These were specifically chosen for its high level of comfort as they provide very comfortable heating, as opposed to the traditional dryness associated with other brands.

Today's advanced radiators offer faster heat-up with smarter control, saving both energy and money in these times of increasing energy costs. Myson is the product of choice for homeowners, designers, architects and builders. Myson Radiators come in many different styles, sizes, and heat outputs to give you a full array of options to meet you heating needs. At Just Rads we also offer several different accessories for your heating system including valves, pumps, air vents etc. Additionally, Myson has been recognized as the leading name in towel warmers. Crafted by the market leader, a Myson Towel Warmer is something you can be proud to own, each quality unit built by skilled craftsmen from the finest materials and under stringent quality control. Economical and efficient, a Myson Electric Towel Warmer is a decorative source of heat that will add comfort to the room as well as keeping your towels warm and dry.

Our Cast Iron Radiators are all about heritage craftsmanship, look, and design. Every piece is custom, built to size (according to the customer request) using the original pieces built pre-1935 (“old style”) and post-1935 (“new style”). There are no better castings than the original!