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Cast Iron Radiators


At Just Rads we are proud to offer reconditioned as well as new Cast Iron Radiators. Our reconditioned rads consist of pre and post 1935 North-American original castings. Whether old or new, each radiator is custom-made to the size and heat requirements (BTUs) that an individual application requires. They can be custom configured to work on either hot water or steam systems. These units are delivered with the necessary size and location of connections. As well, they are professionally painted with paint color of choice.

Adding style to any type of room, two models are available in cast-iron radiators, which coincide with the era they are from. Our old style radiators are made from original castings pre-1935. Their round-top design reflects the Victorian era. These rads are available with plain or floral casting.  Our new style radiators are made from original castings post-1935. Their square-top design is a true reflection of art deco style. In addition to their beauty and heritage, these radiators provide an unparalleled, comfortable, and efficient heating solution.

All cast iron radiators come with a two-year warranty.

Contact us today and we will be glad to help you size and find the right cast iron radiator solution.