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At Just Rads we offer different models of hot water and electric radiators. The hot water radiator brands we distribute include Myson, Accuro Korle and Cast Iron options. Our electric brand is Myson Finesse (heights available are 12” and 20” heights and sizes range between 500 watts to 2000 watts).

Hot Water                

                            HOT WATER                                                   ELECTRIC                                  CAST IRON

Our radiators are available in various sizes, styles, and heat outputs to accommodate every room requirement in your space. All of our radiators have been specially selected and meet only the highest quality standards found in the industry. As well, all of our radiators come with excellent guarantees.

If you prefer a modern look, we have a radiator to suit your style! With our Myson Radiator line, we offer a huge selection of horizontal and vertical modern panel radiators to fit your space. Various sizes and styles are available with different heat outputs to accommodate your install restrictions.

If you desire a radiator that has a more modern and artistic flair, we suggest the Accuro Korle lineup, which are individually hand-crafted to your needs. Built with stainless steel, every piece of this radiator is made to measure. They are truly pieces of art!

If you are looking for a more classic, vintage look, then we offer various, original Cast Iron Radiator models. Each radiator is built to the required heat output necessary in order to warm your room. The original castings are fully rebuilt, with the option to specify connection sizes, placement, as well as finishing colour.

If you’re looking for an electric radiator, we have a unique solution for you. Our Myson Finesse Electric Radiator offers the best quality of traditional, hot water system heat (which your central heating system may not reach). The Myson Finesse Radiator is a decorative steel panel radiator that is filled with vegetable oil in order to give an unparalleled level of energy efficiency and comfortable heat.

We are certain that you will find the right style, size, and price point radiator solution at Just Rads! Contact us today and we will be glad to help you size and find the right radiator solution.