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Our Fan Convectors


At Just Rads we are proud to offer different models of hot water fan convectors. The fan convector brand we distribute is Myson.

Our various models of fan convectors will complete your room, bathroom and/or kitchen as a stylish and innovative alternative to traditional radiators.

The fan convectors are able to work at various water temperatures and are the best solution to satisfy demanded high heat outputs. These units provide equivalent performance to a radiator of a much smaller size. It’s ability to heat up a required space operates at a much faster pace than a conventional radiator.

Our Kick Space Model, which is available in three sizes, is popular for bathroom and kitchens of any size. Its unique, small, and discrete size is the perfect solution for a heat source in these spaces, where traditional radiators can not fit.

If you are looking to heat and cool using a fan convector, then the Ivector is the right solution. The lvector, by Myson, has the ability for high heat outputs and cooling capacity. Each one is equipped with an intelligent control to program the unit. Given its versatility to be mounted on the wall or installed on the floor, this type of unit is an excellent choice for new building, retro-fit, and refurbishment projects. They are also suitable for commercial premises, schools, hospitals, offices and so on. As well, our Hi Line and Lo Line models are also available and have both heating and cooling capabilities.

We are confident that Just Rads will provide you with a fan convector solution that meets all of your standards, be it style, size, and price! Contact us today so we can help you size and discover the right fan convector solution.