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Modern vs. Traditional Radiators - Which One Should You Choose?

Isn’t it fascinating how something as basic as installing a new radiator can transform the interior of your home in a minute? With an endless variety of sizes and styles to choose from, you can find a radiator that meets your needs, compliments your home, and suits your personal style. A modern electric radiator will blend perfectly into your room’s contemporary décor—or you can choose a more eye-catching style to make a statement. There’s a lot more to radiators than meets the eye. To help you choose the best radiator for your home, we, at Just Rads, have created this handy guide.

What You Should Consider Before Buying A Radiator?

Before you buy a new radiator, you should first take a few things into consideration. First, analyze the style of your existing home décor—is it traditional or modern? We always recommend that you choose a design that will add to the beauty of your home’s interior. For instance, a cast-iron-style column radiator would be the perfect choice to create a classic look. Meanwhile, a sleek vertical radiator will enhance the aesthetic of your modern décor. 

Second, consider the size of the space you need to heat. When you select a radiator with a proper thermal unit heat output, it ensures that your room is heated quickly and efficiently—providing your space with a steady, comfortable warmth. To ensure you choose the right radiator to match your room’s square footage, verify its average heat emission rates. 

Traditional Vs. Modern Radiators

With so many options for radiators available, it can be a challenge to decide which model to purchase—but the biggest decision is whether to go for a traditional or a modern style. Here are some factors to consider before selecting your radiator.

  • Efficiency
With rising energy prices, it’s essential that your heating is as efficient as possible. Not only will a modern electric radiator reduce energy costs, but it will also reduce your environmental impact. Review your model before purchasing to ensure it’s ENERGY STAR certified—showing that it meets international energy-efficiency standards.
  • Functionality
One of the major considerations when choosing a radiator is how easy it is to operate and how well it heats your room once it’s turned on. Most traditional radiators are simple in design, making them naturally easy to operate and maintain. A modern electric radiator is a little complex—but the innovative style provides a unique and efficient way to heat your space.
  • Appearance
In addition to efficiency, longevity, and functionality, your radiator should complement the style and décor of your home. Whether you choose a modern or a traditional design will depend on how contemporary the rest of your space is. If you’re still undecided, we often recommend column radiators because they suit both modern and traditional spaces.

Advantages Of Traditional And Modern Radiators

Traditional Radiators 

  • Aesthetics
The way your room looks—from the overall style of your home to the décor items in each space—will determine the type of radiator you choose. If you have a more traditional aesthetic with older style elements and decorative accents, a traditional design radiator is a suitable choice.
  • Cost
Traditional radiators are typically the most affordable option for radiant heat in your home. The market for traditional heaters is well-supplied, thereby leading to lower costs most of the time. As an added benefit, they are also well-made and sturdy—their cast-iron construction makes them extremely durable and long-lasting.


Modern Electric Radiators

  • Appearance
The greatest advantage of modern radiators for your home is their contemporary styling. With the wide variety of models available, they can integrate beautifully into any space. Not only that, but their state-of-the-art aesthetics makes them an artistic statement piece on their own. Choose from a sleek minimalist design or a more ornate decorative model. 
  • Efficiency
Modern radiators are designed with energy efficiency in mind—they allow you to heat up your space quickly and effectively. You will not have to keep your radiator on high for as long, thereby decreasing your overall heating bill without having to compromise the warmth of your home.

Selecting a radiator is definitely a fun task but it can be a little complex at times. Not only do you have to figure out the best place to install your new radiator in your space, but you need to make sure it will fit and give off the appropriate amount of heat. Traditional and modern radiators have different physical footprints, so make sure you properly measure where it’s going to be placed. 

At Just Rads, we offer countless designs and styles of traditional and modern hot water radiators for your home. Pick out your favorite design and keep your home cozy and warm this winter season. Call us today for more information.

Posted on June 23, 2022 by Just-Rads

Posted in Electric Radiators

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