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Heating Trends For 2022

Just Rads has a variety of heating radiators to fit your home decor, no matter what the style. From Instagram influencers to magazine editorials, interior designers of all kinds have presented plenty of wonderful decor options for 2022, ranging from work-from-home offices to luxurious living rooms, and there is a radiator to match every space!

In this blog, we list for you some of our favorite trends for this year:

 Top Trending Heating Systems


  1. Metallic Finishes

 One of the most stylish ways to upgrade your kitchen or bathroom is to include hardware with metallic finishes. For the last 10 years, chrome finishes have been the most common in modern kitchens and bathrooms however the trend is turning to other metallic finishes now. Alternatives include copper, pewter, and nickel. These finishes can be used for radiator valves as well, to give that extra chic look in a space.


  1. Lifestyle Heating

 When analyzing the trends for 2022, we see more and more that ‘anything goes’. Many homeowners are taking charge of their home décor, by mixing and playing with design choices that fit their lifestyle. Choosing the right heating design is aesthetically crucial to stay in line with the overall design look and feeling of the home. For example, hidden heating systems designed as singular floating bars are in high demand for modern bathrooms. Innovative designs such as single bar heating are the perfect solution for homeowners who appreciate traditional craftsmanship but that offer the latest technology.


  1. Rounded Shapes

 Be it wavy mirrors or curved couches, elegant rounded shapes add an updated and delicate feel to interiors, thereby making them an excellent choice in 2022. Just Rads’ collection includes beautiful new heating options with these smooth shapes to replace the previously popular straight lines.


  1. Timeless Traditional

 A popular trend in 2022 is eclectic vintage-inspired interiors, and traditional column radiators definitely fit in perfectly!  Traditional heating radiators have made a comeback in the last few years, particularly water radiators. More and more interior designers are including water radiators in interior decor, making them a feature of the room instead of keeping them hidden. These traditional water radiators have either the classic elegant look but now also a more modern and sleek design options are available as well. Not only are they extremely beautiful but also quite practical for small spaces and narrow halls.


  1. Revival Of Cottagecore

 Cottagecore décor will continue to bloom and inspire sustainable living and cozy country decor in 2022. The cottagecore aesthetic and lifestyle embraces recycling, upcycling, nature, and creating welcoming, comfortable spaces with a cozy, rustic appeal. If you wish to revamp your current hydronic radiators in true cottagecore fashion, then try a creative upcycling project and paint your radiator!


  1. Bring The Outdoors In

 The idea of bringing the outdoors in has become popular this year in how we now design new homes or redecorate older homes. Bringing in outdoor elements welcomes a sense of openness and freshness. Small oval panels and calming colors brought together with indoor plants and fresh leafy tones can really brighten up your interiors as well as your heating system.


  1. Retro Radiators

 With playful aesthetics, funky designs, and cozy color schemes, it is no surprise why the iconic retro decor is back this year. While the retro vibe has always been among the favorite choices, the radiators of that era were not too aesthetically pleasing. However, if you do love the retro vibe, then you have plenty of beautiful heating choices to complement your decor.


  1. Pastels

 If you wish to take your passion for pastels beyond home accessories, then one of the colorful heating radiators in the Just Rads collection will be the perfect choice for you. Whether you prefer calm blues or pretty pink shades, a pastel radiator is undoubtedly an excellent way to complement your color scheme.

At Just Rads, we are constantly stocking up on new radiator options based on changing trends. This year, we have launched an entirely line of themed hotel water towel radiators, hydronic radiators, water radiators, etc. that are sure to complement the interior decor of your house. So, browse through our collection today and pick out the radiator that fits perfectly with your decor.




Posted on August 23, 2022 by Just-Rads

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