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What You Should Look for When You Buy an Electric Radiator

Now that winter is just a couple of months away, this is the perfect time to upgrade your radiator or entirely switch over to an electric radiator. After all, it is a great way to shake off winter chills and be able to walk around your home feeling comfortable and warm. Here are some factors that you should consider when you are looking for an energy-efficient and affordable electric heater. This is the ultimate guide to help you buy the right electric heater without wasting time.


What Are the Factors That You Should Consider When You Buy a Heating System?

  1. Heater Type

The first and foremost step for you is to determine is what type of electric heater suits your needs. There are different types of heaters that you can choose from, radiant heaters, oil-filled column heaters, fan heaters, convection and panel heaters, and ceramic fan heaters.

  • Radiant Heaters: Radiant heaters are perfect for personal use like in your bedroom or in the office. They operate by radiating heat from a red-hot heating segment. What’s great about these heaters is that they are comparatively cheap. But they are not suitable to heat large spaces.
  • Oil-filled Column Heaters: Oil-filled column heaters consume electricity to heat up the air within columns. The heat is transmitted to the casing and gradually radiated to the air outside the heater. It works perfectly for long-term use. So, if you are trying to find a heater that you can leave on overnight, then an oil-filled column heater is the best choice for you.
  • Convection and Panel Heaters: Panel heaters operate by absorbing cold air. The heated-up air then rises up towards the ceiling while the cold air moves downwards. You can go for a panel heater if you want to heat up your space evenly and quickly.
  • Ceramic Fan Heaters: Ceramic fan heaters are a lot smaller and easier to move as opposed to other electric heating systems, they can heat up a room pretty quickly.
  • Fan Heaters: These heating systems work by forcing out hot air. They have powerful built-in fans that blow out the air through a long distance.
  1. Heating Capacity

This is yet another important factor you need to keep in mind before buying an electric radiator. You need to determine the amount of power you require to warm up your home. The higher the power, the better the radiator will heat up large spaces. So, if you are looking for a heater for smaller spaces, you should get a heater less than 2KW. You will have a heater that warms up your space effectively and is pocket-friendly as well.


  1. Energy-Efficient

Almost all electric heating systems are 100% efficient. The reason behind that is they transform all the electricity into heat. You can enhance the level of efficiency with insulation, putting an end to drafts and ceiling fans. You can also boost their efficiency by using a thermostat. This particular feature will help you decrease any unnecessary use of the heater.


  1. Safety Features

Usually, electric radiators are safe however, several models of electric heaters may overheat, leading to a safety issue. These types of models must not be installed in your house for long periods of use.


  1. Cost of Running an Electric Heater

This is a crucial feature when it comes to using your electric heater effectively. Usually, portable, smaller heaters have low running costs. Large electric heating systems cost a lot more to run. If you go for a high-powered heater that may take some time to heat up your room, then you will also incur high running costs.


Several electric heating systems come with features that make them really easy to use. When shopping for your radiator, try to get the one that is easy to clean and maintain regularly. Keep the above points in mind before deciding on a model for your house. At Just Rads, you will find many different options including heaters with remote controls. Replace or upgrade your heating system before the winter season.

Posted on September 04, 2021 by Just-Rads

Posted in Buying Guide, Electric Radiators

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