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Which Is the Most Efficient Form of Electric Heating System?

If you are looking for the most cost-effective and efficient electric heating system, choose one that offers some degree of radiant heat. It lasts a lot longer compared to convection, is not affected by air movement and helps you feel cozy, warm and comfortable. But the question remains, which electric heating system offers the most radiant heat?

In order to answer this question, you must first understand what radiant heat is. It is just another way to refer to infrared radiation which is part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Although it is a type of radiation, it is not something to be worried about as all solid objects absorb and emit infrared. It is one of the main ways we perceive heat and balance our body temperature. This means that if we did not have infrared, the world would be a really cold place to live in. Many heating systems use radiation to keep you warm, like underfloor heating, electric radiators, patio heaters and infrared panels.

Is Radiation More Effective Than Convection?

Several products such as panel heaters and storage heaters function by transmitting heat to the air which falls and rises to distribute equal warmth across the room but is prone to heat loss, particularly as people come and go from the room, allowing this heated air to break away to cooler areas. When this happens, these convection heaters have to work hard to bring the space back up to the ideal temperature making this not as efficient as radiant heat.

Efficient Electric Heating Systems

Electric radiators and infrared panels are the most efficient forms of electric heating because they both utilize radiant heat to regulate room temperatures.

  • Electric Radiators

A lot of electric radiators generate two-thirds of their heat as convection to balance the room temperature quickly but one-third of the heat from radiation. This makes the room consistently and evenly heated. For the highest efficiency, look for ceramic electric radiators that are able to generate a much higher proportion of radiant heat. Since ceramic has amazing thermal properties, these radiators provide up to 50% of their warmth as infrared heat. You will experience the instant results of convection warmth but it takes longer for the room to cool down. This keeps running costs low.

  • Infrared Panels

Commonly known as radiant panels, these electric heating systems generate 100% radiant heat which makes them more efficient for businesses as well as homes. None of the heat escapes due to air movement, but they take a longer to warm up a room. This is why some people still prefer the responsiveness of an electric radiator. One of the positives of infrared panels is that they are lightweight and offer flexibility in their placement in your home. You can install them higher on the wall or even on the ceiling so that you can direct the heat toward the particular areas that are occupied frequently such as above the sitting areas.

Impact Of Heating Control on Efficiency

Heating control has a major impact on efficiency. The number of energy-saving measures an electric heating system has to offer will undoubtedly impact how efficient they are to operate. You should choose the product with the most control options, such as weekly programming and either an open window detection feature or adaptive start.

The best energy-efficient electric radiators come with their digital thermostats and control systems built into each unit. You do not need any other accessories to set these products up, making them extremely convenient if you want to get your heating system up and running as quickly as possible.

To keep your home warm and running costs to low, we, at Just Rads, offer an extensive range of energy-efficient heating systems that include oil-filled radiators with Bluetooth connectivity, WIFI controlled electric radiators and infrared panels that are smart-speaker compatible. Browse through our range of electric radiators and other heating systems today.

Posted on August 19, 2021 by Just-Rads

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