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Electric Radiators or Infrared Panels: Which Is the Best Electric System?

In the last few years, there has been a shift in the perception of electric heating systems. Sophisticated, automatic and efficient electric heating is gaining a lot of popularity. In a world of growing eco-responsibility, homes across the world are turning to electric heating to reduce their environmental impact and benefit from the latest heating technology. Besides being eco-friendly, it is also versatile, providing everything from smart electric radiators to advanced infrared panels. But which option is the best one for heating your home?

The versatility of electric heating means that there are numerous products to choose from, each one with unique features. Electric radiators offer stylish, controllable heating for your entire house. Infrared panels offer a discreet and comfortable heat source for an extensive range of applications.

How Do Electric Radiators Work?

For most electric radiators, one-third of the heat generated comes from radiation, thus warming the people as well as objects in your house directly. The rest of it is supplied through convection that heats the surrounding air. Electric radiators can bring the room temperature up to the desired temperature very quickly, while also giving more comfort and lasting.

How Do Infrared Panels Work?

Opposite to electric radiators, infrared heating panels generate 100% radiant warmth. This means that they do not have to depend on the surrounding air to supply heat. Rather, infrared warmth moves in a wave to heat people, surfaces and objects directly without getting lost to drafts. These panels give a deeper level of warmth that is absorbed easily by the surrounding walls, meaning that they are also amazing for handling dampness. This makes them ideal for spaces like bathrooms, lofty interiors and older properties.

Advantages Of Electric Radiators and Infrared Panels

Although both provide a different range of advantages, electric radiators and infrared panels do have some benefits in common.

1. Effective Warmth

Both generate warmth through some degree of comfortable radiant heat that warms on a much higher level and does not get lost by opening windows or doors.

2. Easy Installation and Zero Maintenance

No pipework is required and a lot of electric heaters are DIY-friendly. They can be installed easily with little to no hassle. Also, there is no risk of carbon monoxide leakage with electricity. Basically, you do not have to pay for annual servicing.

3. 100% Efficient

Both transform the electricity into usable heat. It is excellent for those who are keen on saving energy and diminishing running costs.

4. Definite Heat Management

Many infrared panels and electric heaters are fitted with definite digital thermostats that are usually precise to 0.5°C. This is to make sure that your room always stays within a fraction of your preferred temperature for more effective heating.

5. Intuitive Smart Control

Many of these appliances are compatible with smart control, therefore allowing you to set up the heating through Bluetooth or WIFI. All you have to do is use an application on your phone or tablet to make easy and quick adjustments. It works amazingly for those who are looking for a modern and digitalized way to manage their heating system.

Which Is the Best Heating System for Your Space?

Electric Radiators

  • Portable and lightweight
  • DIY-friendly
  • Lasting warmth
  • Extensive variety of designs
  • Comes with smart technology

Electric radiators carry warmth in a similar way to gas central heating systems, except they are a lot more efficient. So, if you want a heating system that fits into your home easily and gives the warmth you are accustomed to, electric radiators are the perfect option.

You can use them throughout your space, in your kitchen, bedroom, or even sun rooms and commercial spaces. It is to be noted that not all electric radiators are compatible with bathroom installation.

Infrared Panels

  • Discreet space-saving models
  • Warms the surfaces and people directly
  • Extremely useful for lofty interiors
  • Comes with smart technology

With their modern designs, infrared panels harmonize seamlessly into any space, giving a discreet yet efficient heating solution. When combined with additional thermostats and controllers, infrared panel heaters provide convenient and smart controllability, allowing you to customize your heating through a variety of smart features.

You can install infrared panels throughout your house, especially in the draught-prone, lofty interiors, sun rooms, bathrooms, workshops, as well as commercial spaces.

Whether you choose a sleek and modern infrared panel heater or a smart electric radiator, the best heating system for you depends on your space and your personal preferences. Whichever heating solution you choose, you can find it at Just Rads. The diverse collection of Just Rads will offer you a sophisticated heater that suits you best. With the help of this article, you can now make an informed decision and get your heating system installed now.

Posted on July 23, 2021 by Just-Rads

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