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Hot Water Radiators

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Fort Radiator
Fort Radiator from $5,306.00 CAD
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Grand Centurion Radiator
Grand Centurion Radiator from $2,953.00 CAD
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Imperial Radiator
Imperial Radiator $2,482.00 CAD
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Impetus Radiator
Impetus Radiator from $1,457.00 CAD
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Impulse Bath
Impulse Bath $4,252.00 CAD
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Impulse Radiator
Impulse Radiator from $1,457.00 CAD
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Jade Radiator
Jade Radiator from $952.00 CAD
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Lara Radiator
Lara Radiator from $849.00 CAD
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Magnet Radiator
Magnet Radiator from $1,531.00 CAD
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Mariner Radiator
Mariner Radiator from $2,663.00 CAD
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Matrix Radiator
Matrix Radiator $3,541.00 CAD
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Millennium Radiator
Millennium Radiator from $4,252.00 CAD
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Choosing The Right Hot Water Radiator

Hot water radiators use the heat produced by a boiler and the heat-transmitting capacity of the water. The boiler can work with oil, wood and even gas. Tubes are used to carry cool water to the boiler to produce heat, and the pipes take the hot water to the radiators.

When you are making your choice, you must bear in mind the latest trends for hot water radiators. One of the trends is that radiators now include technology that identifies your habits and modifies itself accordingly. This is a room-by-room modification that the radiator does itself. Then comes the systems that give you the option of controlling your radiator using remote control through your smartphone or tablet to manage heat and observe energy consumption.

Which Hot Water Radiator Is Right for You?

To select the right hot water radiator, you must take into consideration the particularities and use of the space to be heated. It is useful to identify the rooms that are used the most and need to be heated. Rooms that are rarely used need a lower level of heating. Bathrooms have certain requirements like towel warmers and may require a higher level of heating than any other room. To understand which type of radiator fits your requirements, you must consider the following:

  • The room to be heated
  • The room’s size
  • Your lifestyle

There are two types of hot water radiators: the high-temperature radiator and the low-temperature radiator. High-temperature models heat between 70°C and 90°C and are usually easier on the pocket than the low-temperature radiators. However, they tend to degrade the performance of a low-temperature boiler. Low-temperature radiators, on the other hand, heat between 45°C and 50° and are economical as they do not require much effort from your boiler.

At Just Rads, you will find basically all types of hot water radiators for all your needs. Our collection consists of different sizes, styles and heat output to accommodate every room in your home. You can install these radiators in bedrooms, living rooms, offices and even bathrooms.