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Jade Radiator
Jade Radiator from $719.00
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Kashmir Towel Warmer
Kashmir Towel Warmer from $700.00
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Lara Radiator
Lara Radiator from $642.00
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Magnet Radiator
Magnet Radiator from $1,157.00
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Manhattan Towel Warmer
Manhattan Towel Warmer from $2,963.00
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Mariner Bath Towel Warmer
Mariner Bath Towel Warmer $1,797.00
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Mariner Radiator
Mariner Radiator from $2,011.00
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Matrix Radiator
Matrix Radiator $2,674.00
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Millennium Radiator
Millennium Radiator from $3,211.00
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Mirage Radiator
Mirage Radiator $3,415.00
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Nanny Towel Warmer
Nanny Towel Warmer $397.00
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Nicola Radiator - Ht. 11"-30"
Nicola Radiator - Ht. 11"-30" $15,115.00
from $2,071.00
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Accuro Korle Radiators & Towel Warmers

At Just Rads, we are proud to offer our premiere brand Accuro-Korle. The Accuro-Korle line are hand-crafted, stainless steel, hot water radiators and towel warmers, built with only the highest-grade of brushed stainless steel. Accuro-Korle radiators are designed to a superior standard of excellence with many styles and sizes available. And, with various sizes available, we are sure to cover the BTU requirements.

Accuro-Korle places absolute priority on the durability and reliability of its appliances. In order to achieve unsurpassable quality, Accuro-Korle has devised an unrivalled manufacturing process specializing in stainless steel. These art pieces are backed by a 20 year warranty.

Our various models will not only be used to heat your rooms, bathrooms, office areas and/or kitchens but will also represent veritable works of art and décor. Accuro-Korle models are undeniably enduring combination of functionality, beauty, and aesthetics.

Contact us today and we will be glad to help you size and find an Accuro-Korle radiator or towel warmer solution that meets all of your needs.