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Bathroom Heating Trend: Traditional Towel Warmers

The perfect amalgamation of technology and design develops appliances with both extraordinary aesthetics and functionalities. One such creation is towel warmers. Towel warmers have unquestionably revolutionized the appearance of traditional bathroom heating radiators, and can therefore be labelled as decorative radiators as well. There are several benefits to towel warmers including the ability to control the temperature within the bathroom, as well as the opportunity to match perfectly with any modern décor.

Just Rads carries a wide variety of towel warmers including Myson towel warmers. In this blog, Just Rads helps to explain why a towel warmer is a great addition to your home.

What Is A Bathroom Towel Warmer And Why Should You Buy One?

Towel warmers were designed as an alternative to traditional heaters and radiators. A Myson towel warmer is an appliance with dual functions, the first to dry hand and bath towels, and the second to heat up the environment in which it is installed. One major advantage of a towel warmer is its unique design constructed specifically for arranging and storing bathroom linen, thereby allowing the towels to dry quickly.

The most popular type of towel warmer is the vertical towel warmer, made with two parallel tubular uprights joined together by a number of horizontal tubes, perfectly distanced to allow for the storage of towels of various sizes.

How Do Towel Warmers Work?

Towel warmers operate similarly to standard radiators. They are essentially radiators with reduced thickness and size, thereby making for an ideal option in small rooms. Myson towel warmers can be connected directly to the domestic heating system, letting water flow through its pipes. As an alternative, this revolutionary heating trend can also be activated through a power outlet if planning to install an electric towel radiator.

Factors To Consider Before Buying a Towel Warmer

1. Budget

Start your search for a new towel warmer based on your budget and needs. Towel warmers range in price depending on the size, style, and installation type. There are multiple ways of installing a Myson towel warmer while keeping budget considerations in mind, especially if professional installation is required. Just Rads offers a variety of towel warmers, ranging from well-priced models available for under $50, to more contemporary luxury units with designer finishes that may exceed $3,500.

2. Installation and Mounting

Always consider the installation required for any new appliance. There are many convenient and DIY-friendly electric plug-in towel warmer models. Most hot water towel radiators use a standard 120V plug and can be plugged into an outlet just like any other household appliance. Freestanding models are portable and can be moved easily whenever required.

Although the installation of towel warmers is fairly simple, there may exist a few variables in electrical and plumbing configurations that require attention. Proper installation of hardwired hydronic and electric towel warmers typically requires the expertise of a professional in order to maintain the manufacturer’s warranty. Wall-mounted hot water towel warmers are an excellent choice for spaces with limited floor area and can replace conventional towel bars.

3. Style and Size

The list of various towel warmer styles is never-ending, ranging from classic to contemporary, traditional to artistic, and even vintage style. Be sure to showcase your personal style when choosing a towel warmer and match the room’s decor.

Be sure to consider size as well. Assess how many towels you expect to hang on the warmer at any given time. Keep in mind that the greater the surface area of the towel warmer, the faster your towels will dry.

 4. Switches and Timers

Contemporary hot water towel warmers are extremely energy efficient. The most effective way to use them is to leave them on all the time. The reasoning is due to the fact that the energy used to heat the unit initially is relevantly more than what is required to keep the unit warm once heated. A timer will allow you to set your towel warmer on well before you go for a bath so that your towel is warm and toasty when you step out.

Note that hot water towel warmers are not only meant for a bathroom. They can be placed on a patio or in a child’s room. Add a Myson towel warmer to your bedroom to keep cozy as soon as you walk inside your home.

Just Rads carries a vast range of towel warmers to suit every home’s needs. Check out the Just Rads website to browse the assortment our collection of towel warmers and everything else related to radiators!


Posted on July 26, 2023 by Just-Rads

Posted in Hot water towel warmers, Myson towel warmers, Radiator, towel warmers, Traditional Towel Warmers

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